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When speaking of "climate control," this refers to using a device of any sort to alter the climate conditions (normally the temperature) of an area. With today's technology, one can have different temperatures for different rooms at different times of the day. With the rising prices of energy, this is highly efficient and recommended because the savings will justify the investment.

You can even adjust these temperatures remotely which comes in handy when the thermostat isn't conveniently available.

Contrary to popular belief, home automation has existed for years. In fact, many of the popular protocols were designed over 20 years ago.

However, it is only relatively recently that home automation has become widespread. It has also become very affordable and possible to have installed in even the most dated of homes.

Phone systems- Phone systems are simple in a small apartment or house. There is one phone number, and that one line is connected to all outlets.

It starts getting more interesting when there are multiple phone lines and multiple rooms. If there is a need intercom, the ability to call one room from another, or if there are fax and internet connections, the complexity can increase.

Tech homes need good reliable and efficient sources of power.There are now websites that can compare the different sources and prices for your power on a daily level. is one such site

A small business or a larger home (more than a couple of rooms) can fall into this category.

Security and safety is increasingly becoming a concern for both homeowners and small businesses. Many have balked at the high costs associated with security, but the times have changed and options have become much more affordable than ever. All it takes is a small investment to protect a large investment, yourself, and your family.

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